History Of Reiki

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Dr. Mikao Usui

History of Reiki

Healing methods based on the transfer of Universal Life Force Energy which sustains life in the universe and nourishes it, have always existed throughout the history of mankind. Thousands of years ago a deep understanding of nature of matter, spirit and energy was already possessed by Tibetans. Healing their body and harmonizing their soul, experiencing unity by their spirit was possible with this knowledge.

The mystery schools of most ancient culture preserved and guarded this knowledge. This knowledge was available only for a few people usually spiritual leaders or priests, this was in turn passed on to their disciples by word of mouth. If Dr. MIkao Usui had not rediscovered the reiki system, the knowledge of reiki would have been remained lost for ever. A thousand year old tradition of healing was recovered by Dr. MIkao Usui’s work.

Reiki is the most simplest and natural system of healing known to exist and most effective way of transferring LFE. Reiki is very simple to learn and practice. After Attunement the energy level which the student experiences is different in various levels of reiki classes. After the reiki attunement the energy centers of the student has been opened and the student becomes a “Reiki Channel”. Concentrated form of life Force Energy flows on its own accord through his hands. This ability to channel LFE and heal is retained for life. As with most things in life, reiki must be practised and experienced to be appreciated.

Reiki is a natural system of healing with great simplicity, as only hands is required for healing. While other forms of therapy require months and years of training for the practitioner, the basic levels of reiki can be taught only in a weekend. After the attunement process people like nurses, massage therapist, doctors, and people who have a good idea about the touch and feel of the human body notice an immediate increase in the amount of energy flowing through the hands and also feel heat emanating from the hands while doing treatment.

Reiki gives immediate relief from a variety of complaints. Today, reiki can be used to compliment all other kinds of healing.

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