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Chakra System In Human Body

The Chakras are spirals of light that bring vitality into the body through particular vitality center. Chakras are the wheel-like Energy Center that control the exercises of body organs there are seven noteworthy Chakras and twenty one minor Chakras in the human body Each Chakra has a colour and is connected with specific organs. They are not physical organs and therefore can’t be seen by the eye. They can, nonetheless, be felt and experienced amid Reiki session and healing. The table beneath records the seven noteworthy Chakras.

The reiki system for healing is for the most part carried out on the chakras. The chakras are purified, energized and opened amid the healing session. Hence empowering the body to be healed entirely and totally.

Chakra -1 : Sahasrara

Position - Top of head
Gland - Pineal
Organ - Upper brain, Right eye
Color - Violet
Element - Ether
Mantra - Om
Quality - Spirituality 

Chakra -2 : Ajna

Position - Forehead
Gland - Pituitary
Organ - Hypothalamus,Lower brain, Spine, Both eyes, Nose, Ears
Color - Indigo
Element - Ether
Mantra - Aum
Quality - Center of Will,Intuition and Clairvoyance

Chakra -3 : Visuddha

Position - Throat
Gland - Thyroid
Organ - Throat, Upper lungs,Digestive tract, Bronchial & Vocal
Color - blue
Element - Sky
Mantra - Ham
Quality - Center of Communication, Self-expression, Clairaudicence and Religious Inspiration

Chakra -4 : Anahata

Position - Heart
Gland - Thymus
Organ - Heart, Lungs,Blood, Liver, Arms
Color - Grass green
Element - Air
Mantra - Yam
Quality - Center of Love, Compassion, Harmony,Sympathy

Chakra -5 : Manipura

Position - Stomach
Gland - Pancreas
Organ - Liver, Stomach, Gall bladder, Large intestine, Spleen
Color - Yellow
Element - Fire
Mantra - Ram
Quality - Center of Power, Intellect, Wisdom

Chakra -6 : Swadhisthana

Position - Three Fingers below navel
Gland - Gonads
Organ - Reproductive organs
Color - Orange
Element - Water
Mantra - Vam
Quality - Center of Feelings, emotions and sexual energy 

Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara Chakra

Chakra -7 : Muladhara

Position - Base of spine
Gland - Adrenal
Organ - Spine, Kidney Bladder,Legs
Color - Red
Element - Earth
Mantra - Lam
Quality - Center of Survival, Physical vilatily, Creative expression, abundance Seat of Kundalini 


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