A variety of meditation methods are taught in our Reiki classes. Meditation is vital in the present day world. These meditation systems are intended to do the accompanying things.

- The energy center and chakras are activated.

- the energy center are aligned and balanced.

- Provide Instant Energy.

- 15 minutes of meditation is equal to 3 1/2 hours of profound slumber.

- The psyche advances in 15 minutes of meditation what it develops in a year.

- It revives your psychic batteries.

- meditation is a method for purifying and redesigning your brain.

- It is an instant stress buster.

Harnessing the Cybernetic forces of the brain.

Psyche is a vast storage facility and can execute as we long to. In this procedure, we initiate our alpha and beta level of our brain. The power of the mind is boundless. A man utilizes just 4 to 10 percent of his mind. Henceforth, for enhancement of life and higher accomplishments of the body, brain and soul, the subconscious must be activated, alerted and kept active. The wonderful working force of the brain can mend an individual of his affliction and make him solid and imperative once more.

This is done by a simple process of harnessing the cybernetic or reprogramming the powers of the mind. For this, we go into a little state of meditation to take us to our sub­conscious state, additionally called the Vacuum state or the Alpha state. At this state, the brain waves slow down to about the half the frequency as during conscious state or wakeful slate (Beta) at the conscious state.

The brain gives out about 14 lo 21 brain energy pulsations per second, and as a person falls asleep, these brain pulsations slow down further. An Electro-encephalograph (a machine that records and gives the readings of the pulsations) shows the following for a normal body.

Conscious state (Beta): 14-21 pulse/sec
Relaxed state (Alpha): 7-13 pulse/sec
Light sleep: 4-7 pulse/sec
Deep sleep (Delta): Below 4 pulse/sec

It has been demonstrated via scientists working with biofeedback gear that, at that alpha level, body Aryans get to be revitalized, beat rate gets to be steady, pulse gets to be ordinary and so on


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