Reiki and Pyramids

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Reiki and Pyramids

Reiki healing can be successfully supplemented by the utilization of pyramid energy. The Third Eye Reiki Services ™ Center is equipped with a few pyramids with the end goal of healing.

Pyramids are genuine MIRACLES on Earth however these are for all intents and purpose made by man a large number of years prior But still they are extremely powerful and marvellous because of their qualities in admiration of Cosmic energy.

Definition: A Geometrical Shape that is structured by four equilateral Triangles of same size on a square base in such a way, to the point that they structure an apex on that Square base is Known as PYRAMID.

Importance: "PYRAMID" is a greek word comprised by two words "PYRA" + "MID" where the term PYRA implies "FIRE" and MID signifies "Center Core". Thus it is said that an Object which contains "FIRE" (here the deeper importance of Fire alludes to the energy field) in its center or Nuclei.

Impacts of Pyramids

1. Physical impacts

For example: put a extremely sharp edge inside the pyramid, at about the middle at 2/3 of the height of the pyramid, measured from the base. After a while, although using this razor blade daily, you will notice, that it generally stays consummately sharp.
By putting fruits or vegetables inside Pyramids for a couple of minutes just you may rapidly feel, that it

- decrease the results of pesticides and different chemicals
- treats and invigorate water, nourishments & drinks
- Balance taste of wine and espresso and any fluid
- Increase strength of vitamins
- Restore proteins of solidified nourishments
- Promote sound plant development

In the event that you have the capacity dowse/make utilization of any pendulum and/or know how to test with kinesiology, you will see, that any gem substance (e.g. salt, sugar, dirt, MSM, or else)
Will achieve a huge vitality level, if set into a pyramid for just a couple of seconds.

Water, after it has stayed in a Power Pyramid for around 20 minutes, will transform into a profoundly lively water with body-cleansing properties. The exceptionally amassed energies within the Power Pyramid will re-enact the water and lead it again to its regular dynamic quality.

Along these lines, undoubtedly, any sustenance can be put inside a pyramid, and will be "harmonized" in a brief time.

2. Energetic/sub physical impacts

Did you ever ask why we feel rested and restored after a decent night's slumber?

Our emotions are controlled by seven levels of awareness relating to the seven noteworthy endocrine organs in the body. In order to be in flawless accord with our surroundings, the body's endocrine organs must be working superbly. Consciousness manifests itself through the diet, compassion, love, action and discovery respectively.

Level slumber brings the organs parallel to the world's surface thus, in the same way as a compass, they get to be magnetically aligned to one another. This procedure of magnetic recharging vitalizes the organs.

The polarization and energizing magnetization and recharging impact is incredibly upgraded when you rest under a pyramid because of the extensive volume of magnetic concentration that exists inside the pyramidal limits


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