Reiki Symbols

Reiki Symbols

Psychic chords 

Psychic chords are tube like chords that are formed between persons and between articles. Psychic chords are likewise present for desire, addictions and feelings. Psychic harmonies goes about as mediums through which vitality is exchanged from individual to individual furthermore in between of individual and other objects and even beings of light.

Regularly one's vitality gets emptied through the psychic harmonies and accordingly it is a decent practice to intermittently cut all the psychic chords of fear that are draining one's energy and vitality using the angels like quantum angel and thirdeyereiki angels or even archangels.

Psychic harmonies have no confinements of space and time they can pass through walls and other obstacles. All connections have a ton of psychic chords between the chakras of the persons in the relationship. For a sound relationship psychic chords of love & healing ought to be available between them. So it is a decent practice to slice negative psychic chords to keep up great relationship.

To invoke the thirdeyereiki angels picture thirdeyereiki logo which is an effective symbol and after that say" I invoke the thirdeyereiki blessed messengers the heavenly attendants of will, passion and direction, please come to me now" then to cut the psychic chords say “Please cut the psychic chords of fear that are draining my energy and vitality, oh great angels of light please fill me with your light and heal and energize me wholly and completely". The vicinity of the thirdeyereiki angels can be sensed and certainly help is nearby.


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