The Art of reiki healing is passed on from master to master through an extraordinary initiation process called attunement. Reiki Attunement is a methodology through which the power and capacity to heal is passed on from master to student. It is carried out by opening the spiritual chakras of the student in the crown, heart, palm and feet of the student.

The reiki student feels the stream of reiki streaming down through their head and down to their palms, the student after the attunement turns into a channel of reiki energy and can summon the reiki energy at their will and can heal themselves as well as other people.

The attunement procedure is similar to that of tuning the radio to a specific channel once tuned we will have the capacity to listen to excellent music. Like that one’s spiritual centres and chakras are sensitive to a particular frequency so that one can get and channel reiki energy.

Amid The reiki attunement the karmic impressions of the student get discharged and the light channel gets cleared and actuated to get reiki energy. The Reiki attunement is attended by Guides, divine beings and goddesses, reiki angels, Ascended masters, Archangels and other beings of light. They help in the attunement process and adjust it to the needs of every student. Students have mystical encounters as dreams, vibrations in their body, messages and so forth.

Reiki attunement once attuned, reiki energy is available with the student for the remainder of his life. It doesn't wear off with time. Additional reiki attunement can be taken it brings added benefits and increases value to that level.


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