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Kirlian photography was initially created by Georg Lichtenberg in 1777. He perceived electromagnetic releases in the high recurrence field of the human body. In the beginning of the twentieth century an English doctor Dr. Walter Kilner found that the human aura could be seen through a plate glass stained with dicyanide. He watched that exhaustion, ailment and state of mind changes changed the shape and shade of the fine throbbing cloud. In 1930 the Russians Semjon and Valentina Kirlian succeeded in watching the high recurrence field of living subjects without jeopardizing the organic entity in anyway. Prof. F. A. Popp the celebrated German light physicist states,

"The correspondence between Kirlian photography and the surface of the skin is important in regards to diagnostic evaluation"

At the point when Reiki Energy is connected it shows up as rainbow colour light in kirlian photos and the air of the individual being dealt with changes radically in a positive manner with reiki treatments.

Diseased states are brought about by energy blockages. The Kirlian photo serves to focus the general energy stream of the body and areas of energy blockage which are showed in the diseased state. Dr. Mandel has classified sorts of energy patterns on the Kirlian into endocrine, lethal and degenerative. Endocrine is the pre-disease state. The patient has side effects however there is no discernable pathology. The Kirlian can be amazingly significant in finding the region of blockage. The second kind of disturbance in the energy pattern is the toxic state. This is when there tissue changes create, for example, irritation, congestion and blockages of energy stream in the body. The third type is the degenerative type where the body begins to show destructive tissue changes.


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