Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

All illness and injury and also serious problems like heart diseases, depression, cancer, mental disorder, even skin problems, insomnia, diabetes, impotence, flu, broken bones, blood pressure , sore throat can be treated with reiki. Reiki works in harmony with other kinds of treatment .Students, children, and people of all walks of life can be given reiki healing. 

Reiki can be learnt by children above the age of 14. Reiki can be learnt by any one. Intellectual Capacity is not a factor that determines who can learn reiki. Reiki is non dependent on acquired ability or individual talent, reiki is a pure form of healing. 

Reiki can be learnt quickly and in a short duration of time. The ability to heal is passed on from teacher to student. As soon as this happens, one has the ability to heal one self and others and to channel reiki energy. Both healer and healee are healed while giving reiki healing. Healing is instant in most cases.
Distant healing or remote healing is also possible with reiki i.e. healing from one part of the globe to another. Distant healing produces the same result as that of touch healing and is no way inferior to touch healing. Practicing reiki is very effective, simple and easy. Reiki will lead you on a highway to success, make you an achiever and bring out your hidden talents in no time.

Reiki has innate intelligence. It is made up of intense positive energy. Once reiki is invoked it automatically flows to and heals the diseased part of the body. Reiki flows only when needed. Reiki can never cause harm to the healer and the healee as it is divinely guided.

Yes, you can. Reiki compliments any medical treatment. Reiki reduces or eliminates stress and pain and shortens the healing time. Reiki also compliments psychotherapy and other treatments.

Yes, Both distant healing and touch healing are equally effective. Distant healing is possible because of Life Force Energy, which is omnipresent so time and distance is not a issue at all in distant healing. 

Yes, you can. Stress can be managed effectively with reiki. Stress is the cause for almost 80% of diseases. Anything that fatigue, unpleasantness and tension is dissolved by reiki.
Reiki eliminates blocks in emotional, mental and physical levels thus resistance to disease is increased. Hence stress can be easily overcome with reiki.

Universal Life force energy (LFE) is reiki, it is present everywhere. It is present within you too. Chakras, nadi and meridians are pathways through which reiki enters the body, it also flows through our aura. If the flow of LFE within us is low, we are prone to diseases .Blockages in nadi and chakra restricts the flow of LFE.
Reiki Increases the flow of LFE within the body and also removes blockages in emotional, mental and physical levels and cleanses the aura. Reiki energy melts and burns the blockages and heals the diseased part of the body by infusing them with positive energy. 

Reiki makes changes to thoughts and feelings. Flow of life force energy is increased by positive thoughts and there is a disruption of flow of energy due to negative thoughts. When the subconscious mind is filled with negative thoughts, this creates a permanent disruption in the flow of life force energy.
Reiki effectively eliminates negative thoughts this affects us physically too. Once we are filled with positive energy and energy blocks are removed, this paves a way for positive thinking - a key to successful and healthy life.

Reiki is infinitesimal in nature. We only channel or tap the reiki energy and give it to others in the form of healing. So the healer’s energy reserves are not depleted. Instead both the healer and healee get healed and filled with positive energy during a reiki healing session. The reiki practitioner’s energy never gets drained during a reiki healing session, the practitioner fells refreshed and rejuvenated.

Yes, immediately after the reiki attunement is done one gets the flow of energy in the palm and the reiki classes are practical oriented and one is practically trained by healing others in the class.

No prior knowledge of any sort is required to learn reiki. All the information required to practice reiki effectively is given in the class. After the attunement process reiki automatically flows through the student, this can be used to heal oneself and others.

No, while starting a reiki healing session we place ourselves in a shield of reiki, the golden reiki circle. This protects us wholly and completely at all times, hence there is no possibility of getting others karma. 

A typical reiki healing session lasts for an hour, the healing duration depends on the condition being healed, and for some mental conditions the healing is about 5 minutes and in other cases instantaneous healing also takes place. Reiki has innate intelligence and is divinely guided, the flow of reiki automatically stops when the condition is healed wholly and completely.

There are no conditions except that reiki should not be given to a person who is travelling or while travelling as there is a possibility that he may feel giddy.

Yes reiki can be given to children and children receive reiki more harmoniously and are more receptive to reiki, they get healed more effectively and faster. 

Yes reiki can be given to plants, animals and birds, they respond positively to reiki and are receptive to reiki. Reiki can be applied to crops of various kind of farms to increase the yield. Reiki can also be applied to domesticated animals and birds. 

Yes Using reiki distant healing we can heal anyone from any part of the world remotely. Distant healing and direct healing are equally effective. 

No, as there is a possibility of feeling giddy, reiki should not be given to a person who is traveling or while traveling.

Reiki can be learnt by children above the age of 14. Reiki can be learnt by any one. Intellectual Capacity is not a factor that determines who can learn reiki. Reiki is non dependent on acquired ability or individual talent, reiki is a pure form of healing. 

Reiki can be learnt at the age of 14 and above.

Yes, pregnant women can learn reiki.


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