Benifits Of Reiki

Benefits Of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki affects every person in a very personal way. The result of reiki healing depends on the need of the person being healed.

Some common benefits of reiki treatment are:

♦ Reiki is an extremely pleasant and soothing, holistic method of healing.
♦ Reiki functions at physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.
♦ The natural ability of the body to heal itself is supported and enhanced by reiki.
♦ Blocked up energies are loosened up by reiki and total relaxation is promoted by reiki.
♦ The body is cleansed of poisons by reiki.
♦ The body’s energies are balanced by reiki.
♦ Mental well-being and spiritual equilibrium is established by reiki.
♦ The body, mind and soul is vitalized by reiki.
♦ The flow of reiki is adjusted automatically according to the recipient’s need.
♦ Immune system is supported by reiki.
♦ Better sleep is promoted by reiki.
♦ Blood Pressure is reduced by reiki.
♦ Pain is relieved by reiki.
♦ Creativity is promoted by reiki.
♦ Medical treatments are complimented by reiki.

Self-treatment is one of the greatest benefits of reiki. After the reiki attunement, the reiki practitioner only needs to have an intention to do reiki on himself or others, and the reiki energy is drawn through immediately, of its own accord. The reiki practitioner need not focus further intensely.

Reiki is an extremely effective technique for stress relief and total relaxation. One has the feeling of security with a sensation of joy, peace and vitality, also a sense of being enclosed by a fine sheath of energy. Withheld emotions and energy blocks are released while treating oneself. Holistic healing is the method through which reiki heals.

The chemical structure of the body is improved by reiki to help rebuild tissues, bones and regenerate organs. A balance of mental makeup is created by reiki. Reiki paves a way for conscious awareness, the very key to enlightenment.


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