Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Meaning: Unstruck

Location: Heart


Outer State: Gaseous

Function: Love

Inner State: Compassion, love

Glands: Thymus

Other Body Parts: Lungs, heart, pericardium, arms, hands

Malfunction: Asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease

Color: Green

Seed Sound: Lam

Vowel Sound: Ay as in "play"

Petals: Twelve

Tarot Suit: Swords

Sephira: Tiphareth

Celestial Bodies: Venus

Metal: Copper

Corresponding Verb: I love

Sense: Touch

Yoga Path: Bhakti yoga

Herbs for Incense: Lavender, jasmine, orris root, yarrow, marjoram, meadowsweet

Minerals: Emerald, tourmaline, jade, rose quartz

Guna: Rajas or sattvas

Animals: Antelope, birds, dove

Lotus Symbols:

Twelve peta's, within which is a six-pointed star. In the center is shiva lingam within a downward triangle (trikuna) within the seed symbol, yam. Depicted are Isvara, God of Unity, and Shakti Kakini. At the base of the star runs an antelope, symbol of freedom.

Hindu Deities: Vishnu, Lakshmi (as Preservers), Krishna, Isvara, Kama, Vayu, Aditi; UrvaSi

Other Pantheons: Aphrodite, Freyja, Pan, Eros, Dian Cecht, Maat, Asclepius, Isis, Aeolus, Shu (also, Christ, though not technically a deity, would be the energy of the heart chakra)

Archangel: Raphael

Chief Operating Quality: Equilibrium

Reference: Chakras Wheels Of Life by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.


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